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May 9, 2021

This website on line and tracking Ailanto Pacific Ridge Project from 2004 - 2021

Update on Traffic Signal at Hwy 1 and Terrace Avenue
Half Moon Bay, California

May 9, 2021


Update:- July 19, 2019 - Helping to reduce traffic on Terrace Avenue

Repaired and Reinforced Fence at Backdoor to High School at top of Highland Avenue, Pacific Ridge HMB

For image of previously damaged fence go to -

Update:- December 21, 2018 -comments from a resident to the HMB Planning Commission on Half Moon Bay's third attempt to
successfuly implement safety features on Highway 1 between North Main Street and Frenchman's Creek.

HMB Planning Commission Meeting 12/11/18 – Jerry Steinberg
After two previous failed attempts to resolve the safety issues in the Highway 1 North project the current presentation
has progressed but appears to require additional efforts for successful completion.
To obtain Caltrans approval a full report with EIR rather than a simple PEER review (Project Engineering Evaluation Report) will be
required This is based on the cost (over $3 million dollars) , complexity and controversy of the project.

The project now includes an East side pedestrian and bike trail which can provide a safe route to Half Moon Bay High School and
lessens the issue of traffic on Terrace from present High School back door users at top of Silver/Highland.
This proposal continues to contain several safety entry and exit modifications for residents on Bellville and Grand to avoid very unsafe
crossing of two traffic lanes which CalTrans never approved as Highway 1 exits.
It would appear that delays caused by a 4 way signal could be minimized by only extending the frontage road from Grand to Terrace
and not increase capacity with the frontage road used as a fourth highway 1 lane.
(a center "third lane" is planned from Grandview to north Main)

It was suggested that the new HMB accessory building ordinance would increase traffic on Terrace.
We understand that a clause not allowing Accessory units on PUD’s (Pacific Ridge) has been proposed.

This environmental report is not a full EIR that may be required by CalTrans as little attempt is made to investigate other possible
modifications to existing conditions. This is illustrated by the statement in the environmental short report :
"No change is proposed to the existing configuration of highway 1 and Silver Avenue”, without any reason given.

Why not consider opening Silver (possibly with modifications) to allow right turn in and out for Silver.
Residents of Silver and Highland would efficiently enter their homes on Silver and be able to use the light at Terrace to make left turn
to highway 1 south.
It would also allow emergency vehicles (fire trucks/Ambulances to get to their homes if Terrace is blocked or closed by accident or other
reasons. There are 100 houses on Silver and Highland and 60 houses on Terrace plus eventually 63 houses on Upper Terrace.
Terrace is 36 foot wide with parking allowed on both sides thus defined as a local street.
Silver is a 40 foot wide with parking on both sides. and can be used as a collector street. It also has lines painted down the middle defining lanes.
At present in and out traffic on Terrace is very tight causing passing cars to weave in and out of curb parking lanes where possible.
Our understanding is that the Pacific Ridge homes have fire sprinkers installed because of their limited access for fire fighting equipment.
The widening of the intersection at Hwy 1 at Frenchman Creek entry should be completed to help movement on highway 1 when the traffic signal at Terrace is
installed. Former Mayor, Mike Ferreira, has continually asked for the second lane at Frenchman‘s Creek. He also proposed the Terrace Avenue light.
Finally, CalTrans will review this proposal with its effect on thru traffic to northern midcoast communities.

No. 1 (First submittal of this project): The attached letter from Caltrans to the City of Half Moon Bay dated January 10 2007 rejected the
“signalized configuration of Terrace intersection.”
Click HERE for copy of CalTrans letter.

No.2 : (Second submittal of this project) The attached California Coastal Commission Notification of Appeal dated October 31, 2012
was never heard at meeting because the City of Half Moon Bay withdrew the project from consideration by Coastal Commission.
Note in the appeal Caltrans was never alerted to this submittal.

Click HERE for Coastal Commission Letter


Update:-July 12, 2018 - comments from a resident to the HMB City Council and staff on backdoor to HMB High School and
proposed 1.9 acre park.
In our recent conversation (with staff) we understand that a full CalTrans report and EIR is being prepared for
modifications to Highway One and intersections between North Main and Spindrift Way.
We also discussed the previously proposed backdoor entrance to HMB High School and the proposed 1.9 acre park and liability.
The EIR should study the additional traffic generated by these two items on Terrace Avenue and what other modifcations might be made to surrounding streets.

Comment from Mr. John Ward (Ailanto consultant) noting the status of the park issue and liability.
"In response to your inquiry on removal of the hog wire fence, the portion of this fence now running behind the lots/homes will be removed
and replaced by rear yard fences. However, there will need to be a physical connection of hog wire or comparable fencing with the new rear yard fence on lot 5 of Edenbridge development so as to prevent trespassing and associated liability.
This portion of hog wire fence will need to stay in place until such time as the City accepts the offer of dedication for 2-acre parcel earmarked for public park as per settlement agreement reached with City and CCC."
The HMB City Council has not accepted the 1.9 acre park, John Ward had indicated at a public meeting the Pacific Ridge Home Owners Association would maintain the proposed 1.9 acre parcel as open space if a responsible party did not accept it.
Previously the idea of a back door to high school had been pursued by some residents of Highland Park, it is fully documented in the
California Coastal Commission Report on Hog Wire fencing blocking path on Ailanto property to High School.
For full documentation of their proposal including meeting ADA requirements:
Go to: https://documents.coastal.ca.gov/reports/2013/5/TH15d-5-2013.pdf
The EIR should obviously address this issue that may require mods for a right turn only entry on Silver avenue with the unused dedicated existing right of way.
Please send notice to all involved including new residents of Terrace and Pacific Ridge regarding the publishing of the DEIR for public comments .
Jerry Steinberg


Update:-December 5, 2017 - comments from a resident to the HMB City Council and Staff on proposed Hwy 1 widening and stop light
requiring a full CalTrans Report application with an EIR.

To meet the need for traffic mitigation on Highway 1 for the Pacific Ridge development its great that 10 years of inflation has
given the city an additional $769,000 dollars plus the initial 2.5 million dollars from Ailanto toward resolving this traffic mitigation.
Now combining this with the San Mateo Transportation Authority grant of 3.5 million dollars the City has a total of 6.8 million dollars
for this project.
Since it is over the 3 million dollar CalTrans limit for a Project Engineering Evaluation Review or PEER it would call for
a full Caltrans project review with EIR.
This Project Review EIR will allow for resolution of multiple traffic issues.
This would include previously studied backdoor to High School at the top of Highland Avenue thru proposed 1.9 acre park
which the city has not accepted to date. Presently it is to remain open space maintained by the Pacific Ridge home owners association.
Note our present City Attorney, because of a conflict of interest issue with an attorney in her firm representing Silver Avenue residents
with this issue, has passed all Pacific Ridge review to HMB City previous Tony Condotti law firm.
This EIR would also clarify issue brought up by Silver Avenue resident on drainage issues on Silver and right
turn access issues on Silver if street modified within existing right of way.
In addition It would also review old traffic study for required CalTrans traffic signal warrants,
including traffic from frontage road on west side of highway 1.
Finally it would review ingress and egress and wetland issues from City owned Beachwood property on highway 1.
Full disclosure/ transparency of the issues will ensure this project will be best accomplished.
Many thanks to our City Manager for working on this project with our Assistant City Engineer before leaving her City position.
Jerry Steinberg

Update:- November 6, 2017 - Comments from a resident to th HMB City Council and Staff on proposed Hwy 1 widening and stop light.

We will be out of the area and unable to public comment at your 9/19/17 City Council meeting when you will be considering the above subject.
Thus I am submitting this emai concerning the San Mateo County Traffic Authority grant for widening hwy 1 and the proposed signal light
at or in the vicinity of Terrace Avenue.
The following are my comments and observations as a 20 year resident of Terrace Avenue and licensed Civil Engineer.
I have been actively involved with the changing HMB staff and Council members on this subject project area for over 10 years.


1. The staff report you will be considering is incomplete and not fully developed for your approval.
* Note that the present configuration being considered of the intersection of Hwy 1 and Terrace Avenue had been previously declined by CalTrans based on traffic data submitted and the biological report of wetlands within the 100 foot buffer zone as noted in the 2006 DEIR.
Also two Coastal Commissioners and a HMB resident raised other questions including sight lines and appearance of the 7 foot high retaining walls required for the project.
HMB City pulled back this submittal and indicated it was making revisions for resubmittal at a later date.
* Note that the city of HMB adopted resolution No. C-16-07 that the determination of whether a traffic light is required would be determined after the 63rd home was completed.
Click HERE for copy of HMB Resolution No. C-16-07
* Note also that 40 homes could be built without a light at Hwy 1 and Terrace as determined by an EIR in 1988 and indicated in the 2007 DEIR.
* In a previous email to the present City Council we copied an email from the City attorney which indicated that no specific design plan had been formalized and whether the proposed Stop light would be at Terrace vs other location which would be determined by the California Coastal Commission.
The previous EIR for the proposed widening of Hwy 1 and the proposed traffic lightat Terrace Avenue was stopped at the DEIR stage to allow the Pacific Ridge project to move ahead by the developer issuing of letters of credit for 2.5 million dollars.

2. . The staff report indicates the use of a “Project Engineering Evaluation Report” (PEER) to obtain an encroachment Permit from the California department of transportation (Caltrans).
This project is to be funded by a 3.5 million dollar grant from the San Mateo Transportation Authority and Pacific Ridge developers 2.5 million dollar (plus CPI from 2008) contribution.
* Note that CalTrans PEER reviews are for non-controversial and non-complicated projects costing under $3,000,000.
*The City should be submitting for CalTrans encroachment permit by using the normal full project report which includes an EIR as previously done to finalize a complete design for the safety modifications to the proposed highway widening and traffic light design determination.
A full Caltrans review and EIR is necessary to Identify and design for issues that will be encountered and resolved from this project.
* In addition, by allowing some other modifications to the highway 1 configuration i.e. allowing traffic to flow from other points including heavy traffic from streets above Kehoe Ave. along the unnamed frontage road to the new traffic light at Terrace would slow traffic on hwy 1 with a four way signal at Terrace.
The mayor indicated that this could be considered the third lane on highway 1.
* The California Coastal Commission had previously questioned the construction of 7 foot high walls along east side of hwy 1.
This has been further complicated by adding a 10 foot wide bike and pedestrian path (which requires an additional wall to be built) and would be partially hidden from the public roadway as was noted at a recent council meeting.
* There is a need to address ingress and egress (only right turns in and out?) for the city owned Beachwood/Glencree property fronting on Highway 1.

This property represents a substantial asset to the City. This would require a current delineation of wetlands on Beachwood/Glencree property.
* Modifications to Silver Avenue at highway 1 should be considered in order to balance the traffic load now and for future back door Highland Avenue entry to the High School.
*The warrants for the light would be modified if Silver Avenue is opened to right turn only traffic.
Note the engineers (Mark Thomas and Co.) drawing shows the property line at the right side of Silver appears to allow for right turn traffic modification.
The engineer, Richard Tanaka indicated to me that the city of HMB would be required to ask him to design it.
It would appear that the City of HMB should now consider submitting this request to Cal Trans as a full project report, and not a PEER, in order to successfully resolve these issues.

3. Additional reasons for a full CalTrans Project Report:
a. Balance traffic to north communities
b. Since Grandview will now be the pinch point …what is the future modification for it…also consider future development at Grandview/Sea Haven?
c. is there any future safety vision for Spindrift intersection and Hwy 1?
d. Transparency and a further traffic analysis would be helpful for the Coastside.

Thank you for considering contents of this email
Jerry Steinberg

Update:- July 29, 2017

Four individually owned homes at the East end of Terrace Avenue (just below Pacific Ridge) have been under construction during July producing construction materials traffic.
This has been combined with the concrete and lumber trucks for the 10 homes Edenbridge Homes is presently building as indicated in their letter of June 27, 2017.
For more info go to: HERE
Edenbridge Homes has to date done a professional job of managing their construction delivery trucks.
It has been helpful that the High School is on Summer Vacation.
Ailanto Properties has not notified the neighborhood for several months as to their plans for completing the grading of phase 2 and 3.
It appears grading has slowed and possibly they are working on the two culvert structures to be completed on Upper Terrace within Pacific Ridge.
CalTrans returned the last submittal from HMB City for the proposed widening of Highway 1 and the proposed Traffic Signal at Terrace Avenue requesting more information to correct the submittal.
An issue as noted by the City Engineer was that the submittal to CalTrans is being attempted as a short PEER (Project Engineering Evaluation Review) rather than a full Project Evaluation which requires an EIR to be completed.
It appears PEER reviews are limited to projects that are not controversial and limited to a cost of approx. 3 million dollars.
This project was estimated to cost $2,500,000 in 2008 and did not include the present request for 10 foot wide pedestrian and bike trails from Terrace to North Main Street which includes a second concrete wall for trail separation.

Also the 2006 Environmental study by Nomad Ecological Consulting indicated “seasonal wetlands 1-4 located within 100 feet of the edge of Highway 1 on the Beachwood site. Seasonal wetland 5 lies to the west within a median strip between Highway 1 and the unnamed frontage road.”
A map of these wetlands has been submitted to the HMB City Council.
It would appear in order to mitigate wetlands issue that the HMB City would need to delineate the wetlands issue on the City owned property and determine any development (also ingress and egress) from the property for any homes or park facility development.
Thus It would appear that a full Project Evaluation (rather than a PEER) may be required.

Update May 22, 2017 - Phase 1 (19 homes) to start June/2017

Disappointing/Discouraging letter from Edenbridge Home builders.

1. Appears that no attempt was made to work with school district to use Lewis Foster Drive and road behind High School as Ailanto Contractors have been using.

2.No estimate yet of large loaded trucks required to complete the phase 1 homes, as discussed at Edenbridge info meeting.

3.No SAFETY information on (Flagman/Signage/ingress/egress Hwy 1/Terrace.

4.Only SAFETY comment in their letter (link below) is to maintain “slow speeds and avoid parking on Terrace” .

5.The speed limit on Terrace is 25 mph…will it be officially monitored, to allow for residents of 240 Highland homes to navigate?

Assume its better to be impacted by multiple slow moving 30 ton trucks…than ones moving faster.

For more info letter go to:-

Update: February 6, 2017 – Notes on Edenbridge Homes Meeting:-

It appears that Edenbridge homes has not fully considered the safety aspect of running many large trucks carrying building materials
(large roof trusses, building lumber, concrete, drywall etc.) for 2 or more years of construction of phase one 19 homes per their
plans. These are 30 ton loaded trucks vs your car of 2 tons.
The ingress and egress safety for the existing 240 homes (Highland neighborhood) is by a local street which will be impacted for 2
or more years by phase 1 of Edenbridge construction of nineteen homes.
They have indicated that they would be interested in the building of phase 2 and 3 homes, (for a total of 63 homes) which would appear
to indicate safety issues would extend up to 6 or more years…depending on weather and other construction restraints.
It would appear that it would be helpful for all involved (safety/liability) if they discussed the use of entry from Lewis Foster and the
road behind the high school with the school board. Also good planning with Ailanto properties to limit the use of Terrace during Ailanto’s
grading/culvert work on phases 2 and 3.
Edenbridge indicated they would post architecture photos on their website and distribute to the neighbors a detailed estimate of
large loaded trucks that would be required to complete the phase 1 homes.
In addition, Edenbridge noted, the proposed signal project requires coordination between the City, Caltrans, and the Coastal Commission,
and is partof several Highway 1 improvements the City is planning north of Main Street. The City is directing the project and has not
announced the timing for its completion.

Update: January 17, 2017 – Notice of Edenbridge Introduction Meeting –

Types of questions to be discussed:
1. Will all the 19 homes be as originally approved size of 4000 to 4700 sq ft?
2. Are all the homes to be built at once during the next 2 years?
3. To not interfere with traffic on neighborhood streets will building materials be brought in through
Lewis Foster Drive and the road behind the High School? …and coordinated with Ailanto’s work on grading phase 2 and 3?
4. Are all construction workers vehicles to be parked on site and not on neighborhood streets?
For more info Go to:

Update December 1, 2016 -

1. Edenbridge Homes purchases first 19 lots in Pacific Ridge from Ailanto Properties.
For more information go to -
2. Ailanto November 28, 2016 update on Pacific Ridge progress -
For more information go to -

November 10, 2016 –The first phase of the Pacific Ridge Development to build 19 homes has apparently been sold
by Ailanto Properties for $9,500,000. For more information go to-
Apparently Ailanto Properties retains ownership to develop the remaing phases of 44 homes.

September 20, 2016 - Ailanto progress letter - For more information go to HERE

Just an Observation - Inorder to lighten the traffic on Highway 1, the Ailanto construction team led by
Melvin Dixon has successfully negotiated with the HMB High School the use of Lewis Foster Drive
(a private street owned by the school district) ... it appears it would have been helpful if the school district
had been part of the original "settlement agreement".

September 2, 2016 - City of Half Moon Bay has resubmitted to CalTrans proposed modifications to Highway 1
previously turned down including signal light in the vicinity of Terrace Avenue.
For more information go to HERE

September 1, 2016 - Two issues still being raised concerning any Traffic Light at Terrace are:
1. Will the development of homes on the portion of Beachwood Property bordering Highway 1 affect
the installation of a stoplight at Terrace.?
2. Will the proposal to build 140 homes on the Podesta Property (corner of North Main street and
Highway 1) and the installation of a traffic light at Lewis Foster Drive affect the proposed traffic light
at Terrace Avenue?

August 19, 2016 - Ailanto Properties reporting "The 19 lot Phase 1 paving was completed on Wednesday 8/17/16. Street signs and street striping will be completed soon. We expect the phase 1 improvements, including streets, sidewalks, streetlights, storm drain and sewer systems to be accepted by the City of Half Moon Bay in September."

June 8, 2016 - New Listing. First phase of 19 homes at Pacific Ridge Development for SALE at $9,800,000.
by Ailanto Properties. For more information go to HERE Update:-November 10, 2016 –The first phase of the Pacific Ridge Development to build 19 homes has apparently been sold by Ailanto Properties for $9,500,000. For more information go to-
Apparently Ailanto Properties retains ownership to develop the remaing phases of 44 homes.

June 7, 2016 - Pacific Ridge Development for SALE at $29,000,000
by Ailanto Properties. Listing active for approx. 3 months. For more information go to HERE
September 11, 2016 - Note: After many months this listing has been modified (apparently price removed).
For more information go to HERE

2016 - Ailanto plans on starting streets and sidewalks in June for
first phase of 19 homes.

September 2015 - Ailanto properties Pacific Ridge successfully works
with the HMB community to aleviate construction traffic issue by
utilizing Lewis Foster Drive and the road behind the High School.
Go HERE for additional information.

2015 - Grading started for first phase of 19 homes.

Economic conditions overall are slowly improving, including
the housing industry, and construction activity on Pacific Ridge
may possibly start during 2013. - No Construction during 2013 or 2014.

Ailanto Properties had been blocked from placing a construction fence
around the property due to the Coastal Commission reviewing
a CDP appeal for entry to the High School thru their property.
This issue caused some "differences of opinion" among the Highland Park
Neighbors. It was resolved by Coastal Commission view that the "appeal
contention did not raise a substantial LCP conformance issue" and
the fence was installed. For the full 489 page (60 mb coastal file)
Click HERE

Ailanto Properties received project approval in October, 2008 from the
California Coastal Commission with 17 Special Conditions to
meet PRIOR to issuance of the Coastal Development Permit.

HERE to review 17 SPECIAL conditions prior to
CCC issuing a CDP on Pacific Ridge/Ailanto Subdivision

Click HERE to review complete 155 page CCC
report on Pacific Ridge/Ailanto Subdivision

News (8/17/08) - Additional Comments of Lucy Lopez sent to California Coastal Commission      Click HERE!

News (8/14/08)- Residents of Terrace Avenue comments to California Coastal Commission      Click HERE!
on Pacific Ridge-Ailanto Subdivision Proposal for a Modified CDP.

Signed by 67 residents and sent to ALL staff and ALL Commissioners

We understand the staff will review & make recommendations to the Commissioners.

Note: The proposal is now being reviewed by the Staff of the CCC
and may be scheduled for a September Public Hearing in Eureka


News (7/3/08)- Lucy Lopez, Chairperson of Terrace Avenue Highland Neighborhood Association, Half Moon Bay, CA has been advised by a California Coastal Commission staff member that they are in the process of reviewing the revised project description submitted by Ailanto Properties for the Pacific Ridge Development.
According to the staff person working on the project, the time to express any concerns is now. It is possible that the project will be before the Coastal Commission in 2 months.
The Coastal Commission had originally suggested that Bayview Boulevard (main entrance into Beachwood development) be used as the permanent access to Pacific Ridge/Ailanto Properties. The proposed Pacific Ridge development indicates Terrace Avenue as the permanent access to Pacific Ridge.
This issue needs to be reviewed and minor changes made in plan of entry into the Pacific Ridge/Ailanto Properties. The residents of the Terrace Avenue Highland Association are planning to discuss this issue at a meeting in early July to prepare neighborhood concerns for submittal to the California Coastal Ciommission.

News (7/2/08)- Beachwood Development / AB 1991 sent back to "rules Committee" of the California State Senate for amendments to meet the requests of all agencies involved. It would appear that the rules committee will attempt to enhance the "value" of the Beachwood property (number of houses to be built??) to increase its value if the present developer chooses the 18 million dollar payout by the city of Half Moon BAy (down from the 41 million dollar awarded the developer in Federal Court). Beachwood development would provide a traffic signal at Bay View and Highway 1 for possible access to Pacific Ridge/Ailanto Property

News (6/7/08)- Beachwood Development / AB 1991 to be reviewed by California State Senate mid June, 2008. Passage would provide traffic light at Bay View and Highway 1 for possible permanent access to Pacific Ridge.

HMB City Council Sells Terrace Avenue to Ailanto for 2.5 Million Dollars

At the April 3, 2007 Council Meeting, the Council Members voted to direct City Staff to stop work on the Coastal Development Permit for the Highway 1/Terrace Avenue Signal Light Project and to authorize the City Manager to enter into irrevocable letters of credit for 2.5 million dollars with Ailanto Properties pursuant to Paragraph 7(d) of the Settlement Agreement. This amount has been determined to be a sufficient amount to fund the signalization and widening project.

The residents of the Community were given to believe that the Council listened to the 2000+ people who signed a petition opposing the light and that the Council exercised paragraph 7 (d) in their behalf. The Council’s decision has not eliminated the installation of the Signal Light as was requested by the people who signed the petition.

In reality, the Council’s action has separated the signal light from the Pacific Ridge Project and by doing so has given Ailanto the opportunity to immediately proceed to the Coastal Commission for the final approval on the CDP for Pacific Ridge. The implementation of the Settlement Agreement for the development of Pacific Ridge will no longer be delayed or be contingent upon approval of the Terrace Coastal Development Permit.

Also, by its action, work on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Signal Light Project will cease and all of the criticisms of the report submitted by the public will not be addressed and the results of the Draft EIR will not be finalized. The Draft EIR does not support the Signal Light Project and this action closed the door on these findings. How is the City going to justify approving this light in spite of this report?

At the Council Meeting on May 1, the Council voted to place all funds obtained pursuant to Paragraph 7(d) of the Settlement Agreement with Ailanto Properties in a segregated account; and to restrict the expenditure of all such funds to the mitigation of traffic impacts caused by the Pacific Ridge project at the intersection of Terrace Avenue and Highway One until such time as the City issues the final certificate of occupancy for approved dwelling units within the project.

The Councils decision restricts the use of these funds until Pacific Ridge is completed but does not specify a time frame. Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement Ailanto can take up to 8 years to complete building the 63 houses. Anytime, within these 8 years, the City could decide to put in a signal light at the Terrace intersection. Upon the completion of Pacific Ridge, the City has the option to use any of the Ailanto funds not used at this intersection for whatever they decide.

By restricting these funds only to the Terrace intersection, the possibility of using this money to look at other traffic solutions on Highway 1 between North Main Street and Frenchmen’s Creek will continue to be ignored

The installation of the proposed Signal Light would affect anyone using Highway 1 and would contribute to the traffic circulation problem on the Coast. Also, a signal light does not guarantee safety. According to statistics reported in the DEIR there is a higher risk for accidents at signalized intersections. Improving traffic circulation is a Community issue and should be addressed as such. Proper long range planning is critical.

The residents of Terrace Avenue are not opposed to Ailanto building houses in Pacific Ridge. The resident’s opposition is to the Signal Light and the use of Terrace Avenue as the only and permanent access road to the development.

In dealing with the terms of the Settlement Agreement this Council has made decisions that have left many residents bewildered and disappointed. The Council members actions have been questioned as a result of how they have addressed this issue and how it has been acted upon. This Community depends on the City Council to not misrepresent their actions.
Posted by: Lucy Lopez - Half Moon Bay

Click HERE for April 3, 2007 Letter from Ailanto's Lawyer to the City

Click HERE - City Council adopts a resolution to restrict use of
traffic mitigation funds until final completion of project.

Can This Street Carry Heavy Construction Equipment and Excavation Hauling?  Also additional Vehicle Traffic? Are Alternatives Available?

Can Terrace Carry Heavy Construction Equipment and Hauling?
Can Terrace Handle Additional Vehicle Traffic?
Are Alternatives Available?

Half Moon Bay City Council explores


The city council voted to ask the City staff to explore not placing a stoplight at the intersection of Highway 1 and Terrace Avenue.
Comments by staff due by October, 2007.
Lawsuit:Joyce Yamagiwa et. al. v. City of Half Moon Bay et. al. San Mateo Superior Court Case No.: 450297; Yamagiwa v. City of Half Moon Bay, Cal. Court of Appeal, First App. District, Case No. A1000999 may come to trial early Spring, 2007 and may have some bearing on comments on DEIR.
Negotiations should bring "Cooperative Community Building" as discussed below.

Below posted by Terry Gossett, Director, Coastside Community First, on the
Half Moon Bay Review website

Planning the development of these two properties has vexed Half Moon Bay for a generation. Without underestimating the obstacles, Coastside Community First sees great potential in an integrated resolution that employs a three-fold approach:

1. Renegotiate the Pacific Ridge agreement. The 2004 settlement agreement offers solutions to the two main legal issues (permanent access and lot retirement) that would render the development a detriment to the public. Terrace Avenue – with or without a stoplight – is unacceptable as permanent access for Pacific Ridge, a conclusion the City and Coastal Commission rightly reached in their prior approvals of the subdivision. The lot retirement program – with only $45,000 allocated per lot purchase – would not mitigate either the traffic or cumulative growth impacts of the development, and has a raft of unresolved implementation difficulties. The City should reconsider the lot retirement and Terrace stoplight provisions, instead requiring construction of Foothill Boulevard, including a 92/Foothill stoplight and road-widening to integrate with the 92/Main project, as originally planned. The increased costs ($5-6 million by DEIR estimates) can be recouped through a combination of County/State roadway funds for the 92 improvements, an increase in the value of the Pacific Ridge houses through enhanced access, or a modest increase in the number of houses.

2. Settle the Beachwood lawsuit. The property was previously approved for a subdivision by the Commission, which determined that Bayview Drive was the best site for a stoplight at Highway 1. Beachwood should not be in court, but in tasteful development. Not only is Foothill/Bayview needed to accommodate existing and future visitor and commuter traffic, the Coastal Act (§30007.5) states, where wetlands conflict with urban infill, that "broader policies which, for example, serve to concentrate development in close proximity to urban and employment centers may be more protective, overall, than specific wildlife habitat and other similar resource policies."

3. Integrate the Pacific Ridge and Beachwood resolutions. Because of the need for alternative through-access between Highways 92 and 1, neither of these developments can mitigate traffic without the other. Planned together, using the "fair share" cost principle articulated in the City's 1999 Pacific Ridge approval, they would benefit a variety of public interests: the school and water districts, Boys' & Girls' Club, Community Park, 92/Main improvements, and neighborhoods east and west of Highway 1 accessible from a Bayview stoplight. Summit meetings conducted by the City could organize stakeholders and beneficiaries into a broad-based leadership coalition to help bring a unified project to completion. The project would include planned developments at Pacific Ridge/Beachwood mitigated by Foothill/Bayview, with stoplights and related improvements at Highways 92 and 1 fine-tuned to the needs of the various beneficiaries. The bottom line for the project: cooperative community-building.

Terry Gossett, Director, Coastside Community First

  • Click HERE for Petition Statement Opposing Signal Light and discussion of Negative Impacts associated with the proposed
    signal light at Highway 1 and Terrace Avenue.

  • Click HERE for diagram of proposed major modifications to Hwy 1 and the
    installation of a 4-way traffic signal at Hwy 1 and Terrace Avenue
    from Jack Liebster, Planning Director HMB (retired)

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